How it Works

The Valley Wine Group offers a storefront that connects you directly to your favorite brands in the Grand River Valley and brings them to you at minimal (or no) cost. This collaborative effort is a NEW concept in Northeast Ohio. This is how it works:

1) Shop your favorite brands, fill your cart with wines, beers, gourmet treats and any other items. Your grand total appears in the upper right-hand corner. When your total reaches $50, you've qualified for delivery! 

2) Check out by clicking on the cart button in the upper right-hand corner. Your cart will divide itself at checkout, so that you have a separate cart for each winery. We are not a distributor or retailer. We have created a portal with our storefront that literally connects you to each winery. You will cash out with each winery. They receive the funds directly and each transaction will show in your account under each individual winery name. This direct payment is required by law.

3) Once your order is placed, the vendors will be notified and will fulfill the order to us. Our policy is that they have 2 business days to do so. If you've ever visited the Grand River Valley, you know we are all located very close together, so chances are that the order will be fulfilled to us the same or following day. 

4) When your order is complete, we will contact you to schedule delivery. We allow ourselves 5 additional business days for delivery.

5) Someone at least 21 yrs of age will need to receive the order. 

6) Enjoy!!